Wrapped in Values

Today we finished writing words on our home. It was so cool to have the kids get involved, too. TriGirl declared that BEAUTY needed to go between her bedroom windows and requested a giant smiley face. She even grabbed a thick sharpie and added her own flare: 3 symbols that say Peace, Love, Happiness and a phrase that she made up “Curiosity leads to adventure and excitement.” SpyderMan asked for EPICĀ and AWESOME, his two favorite words. My One and Only added some of his own words on the fly, which made the whole purpose and intent that much more meaningful. He added NOURISH by the kitchen, MERRY by the dining room, and RELAX by what will be our new front porch. Those were great, but I must admit that LUST and HOT outside of our bedroom is even better. It’s clear I’m married to a man who supports my belief that one of the secrets to a successful marriage is to feed the fire, and I love knowing that our room is surrounded by energy to help us keep the fire alive.

Here are some pics from around the house. One the new siding goes up we won’t get to see these words every day, but we will know they are there. And if in a few decades when someone else renovates the house, we hope they provide a giggle and a moment of peace to the people who live here.





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