Foundation of Values

Today is a day I’ve been excited about since the work began on our renovation project. Sure, the graffiti party was loads of fun and unforgettable. But it was only part of a larger plan. I wanted to surround our home with good intentions. This is my way of filling my family and the visitors who come to see us with prayers and wishes. I believe the energy we send out into the world comes back to us, multiplied. And I believe that if we are intentional with our desires, amazing things can happen.

After seeing a preview of images on Facebook, my friend virtuallinda commented on our “strong foundation of values,” a phrase that seems to fit the situation on so many levels. I hadn’t considered until then that my prayers and wishes are values I want to intentionally live by and values I hope my children will one day embrace. They will only embrace them if they see their parents live them. And these values are now painted on the exterior walls of our home, the foundation upon which the outer shell will be placed early next week. The siding will cover the words, but their intent and meaning will still be there, quiet whispers of how I choose to live. I will know there are there and will remember the powerful feeling in my spirit the day I painted the words on my house.

Here are just a handful of the wishes and prayers I spray painted on my house today and what they mean to me:

Faith, Hope, Love:

In God, in ourselves, in each other, in the world. I choose to believe that goodness and love will conquer all, and I have faith that all things happen as they should and in their own time.


Though I believe in many cases forgiveness is as easy as breathing, this is one of the ones I find most difficult, because I have been so deeply hurt and I have hurt others very deeply. I would love to say that forgiving others is easy, but I know it’s not. There are times I think I have forgiven only to be knocked off my feet with a realization that I haven’t. And there are people I know I need to forgive, but forgiving means remembering a lot of pain that I don’t want to face yet.


Life is full of surprises and mystery. Sometimes a good laugh is all I need to help get through those moments when you think you could lose hope in the greater good. Remember to laugh, especially at yourself and with the ones you hold most dear. Sometimes it’s even appropriate to laugh at each other, but only when doing so will ease a situation and not add unnecessary drama to a problem.


We have a saying in our house, “Go big or go home,” and I think it applies to dreams. Make big ones and then chase them. Will all of our dreams come true? Not even most. Some will change. Some dreams will fizzle. Some dreams will be realized. No matter what, the lessons learned while chasing your dreams are far too priceless to ever stop dreaming.


In God, in yourself, in each other.


Find and take joy, always. We don’t have too look very hard to find that it most of the time.

Adventure, Life, Fun:

Life is most definitely an adventure. I am married to an adrenaline junky, my constant reminder to live a full and adventurous life.

Bravery, Passion, Strength:

Be brave, strong, and approach your life with passion. Don’t let fear keep you from trying something new or chasing a dream. That’s tough one and something I still struggle with sometimes. You are stronger than you know!

Our foundation:

Here is a great shot that captures most of the words I painted on the house today. I have a few more to add and will need to use a really big Sharpie for some because where I want to put the words is too small for spray paint.





  1. I love this! I actually do this to every room I paint in my home. I first write in pencil on all of the walls what I want the room to be filled with. Then when I am in my newly painted space no one else knows what the walls said, but I know what my intentions for the space were and I love knowing that they are forever held in the walls.

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