Why I Needed to Escape the Cape

When I learned about the Escape the Cape triathlon in 2013, I knew it would be a race I needed to experience. What follows is the race report I wrote for the Mid-Maryland Triathlon Club after I finished the event in 2014. Enjoy. And if you feel inspired to tackle one of your own fears, […]

Your Purchase Supports Athletes Serving Athletes

I’m getting creative to raise money for an amazing group called Athletes Serving Athletes, which pairs able-bodied athletes (Wingman) with disabled men, women, and children (Athletes) to participate in athletic events. Working with the Athletes is inspiring and motivating. You can read more about why I’m involved with ASA and my fundraising goals here. I […]

Wrapped in Values

Today we finished writing words on our home. It was so cool to have the kids get involved, too. TriGirl declared that BEAUTY needed to go between her bedroom windows and requested a giant smiley face. She even grabbed a thick sharpie and added her own flare: 3 symbols that say Peace, Love, Happiness and […]

Foundation of Values

Today is a day I’ve been excited about since the work began on our renovation project. Sure, the graffiti party was loads of fun and unforgettable. But it was only part of a larger plan. I wanted to surround our home with good intentions. This is my way of filling my family and the visitors […]

Thoughts On Being Insane

We’re having fun seeing all the excitement (and irritation) about our house. The most fun with the graffiti has been seeing strange cars drive by our house and having people stop and look, but not speak to us when we are out front. The best word to describe their expressions is dumbfounded. Before the story […]