Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White’s Coach Swears on National TV! So?

People Will Remember Shaun White’s Olympic Gold Repeat Performance.

I watched with awe Wednesday night at Shaun White dazzled spectators with his first Snowboard Halfpipe run of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. Like many, I watched his flip through the air, sail into the sky, and nail all of his landings to launch him into Gold Medal standing. I couldn’t wait to see his 2nd run, and, as late as it was for me on the East Coast, I waited to call it a night until I could see for certain whether or not he could defend his 2006 Torino Gold Medal win and give the world a repeat performance. Besides, he didn’t do his new double Micktwist 12 stunt I kept hearing him talk about in interviews and preview shows prior to his big moment. I wanted to witness it LIVE!

If truth be told, it wasn’t until the Opening Ceremonies that I started following the whole Snowboard sport thing. Or any sport in the Olympics for that matter. We’re just not a sports watching family. But, as we tell our children, the history of the Olympics dates back centuries. The Olympic Games are so spectacular and amazing that they only happen once every four years. So, of course, we have to watch them.

But I was the only one in the family awake to witness Shaun White make history. It’s not like he’s the only USĀ  Olympic athlete to win back to back gold medals. Shaun joins the rank of figure skater Dick Button, swimmer Michael Phelps, and speed skater Shani Davis (who defended his Olympic Gold in 2010 too!) But, the list of US Olympic athletes who can say they’ve done it is really short. NBC covered the event live, which was a nice break from watching events previously recorded.

Still, his first run was simply breathtaking. And by the time it was his turn to take his second run, he’d already won the gold.

Who Will Remember What Eavesdropping NBC Overheard and Broadcast LIVE?

Moments before Shaun took his second run, NBC began airing a private conversation between Shaun and his coach. They were both elated. They were both excited. And the words they shared with each other were not meant for anyone else to hear. And Shaun’s coach said the S word. Gasp! And then stories of a “vulgar conversation” started appearing on-line. First of all, a conversation with the S word is not vulgar. You want to drop the F bomb or refer to someone as a son of a female dog, well, then, sure – there’s vulgarity. But not the S word. Not when channels like FX are already saying it in shows like Nip Tuck and Rescue Me. I fure it’s just a matter of time when the S word is allowed on TV. Heck, I’d consider some of the crime scenes on Broadcast TV much more inappropriate than the S word.

Besides, it was after 11PM when it all happened anyway. It’s not like the word was said during a show the kids are likely up watching.

I didn’t think the conversation was all that bad.

But then NBC apologizes – not for failing to protect the ears of the innocent – but for the coach’s language. Why? NBC stuck its nose and cameraman where it didn’t belong: in a private conversation between two adults old enough to use the S word amongst themselves. NBC should be apologizing for intruding in the first place: not for the actions of a man who did nothing wrong in the first place.

Watch Shaun White Win the Gold Medal!

Did you miss the 2010 Winter Games Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe event? You can watch it here. NBC was smart enough to edit out the private moment between Shaun and his coach. So, no worries that you will scar your hearing!


  1. Shaun should get a hair cut, but he can snowboard like nobody else, so I guess this makes it okay.

  2. Shaun is just amazing, because he won the sommer and winter x-games. But I think everybody that can skateboard is a good snowboarder

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